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Custom Orthotics

Custom casted orthotics are shoe inserts that are produced to give imbalanced feet support and structure. Traditionally orthotics are created to treat a painful arch (plantar fasciitis) and heel pain (heel spurs). Imbalances in the feet however can create problems all the way up the leg, into the knees, hips, pelvis and lower back. Orthotics can be used to correct these imbalances while the patient is wearing them and reduced stress on all of these structures. A well made orthotic can reduce recurrent back pain.

A Modified orthopaedic shoe is a shoe of a specific type that is modified and fit with a custom casted orthotic and built by the lab to specifically work together. A modified orthopaedic shoe can be a running shoe, a sandal, a walking shoe, or even a dress shoe.

Both orthotics and orthopaedic shoes are produced by a professional laboratory, which has a supervising podiatrist on staff and a licensed pedothist on staff. In order to offer variety of shoes we currently use two laboratories.

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