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Massage Therapy

Chiropractors Mississauga - Image 3To be a massage therapist in Ontario the Therapist must be trained in Swedish Massage Techniques. A Swedish massage includes gliding techniques through the muscles to relax the muscles and to improve circulation to and injured muscle. A massage therapist will use Trigger point and acupressure point techniques to relieve pain within a muscle, and apply stretching to help improve range of motion. There are generally two types of massage offered at the clinic.

A Relaxing Massage is a light duty massage designed to help relieve stress, and produce relaxation. A relaxation massage is usually an hour long and is usually full back or full body if preferred. An individualís modesty is maintained with draping of sheets.

A Therapeutic Massage is usually a deeper massage in which a specific injured muscle is treated. Time needed for the treatment will vary based on the extent of the injury and if more than one muscle group need to be treated.

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