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Physiotherapy Modalities
  1. Traction: Dr. Pulis uses a Leander Flexion distraction table. The table provides a gentle stretch to the back at a controlled rate. Traction is a technique that has been shown to help with lower back disc conditions and Sciatica, and helps with relieving tension in back muscles caused by sprain and strain injuries.

  2. Ultrasound: No we are not taking a picture of your injury. Our ultrasound is designed to inject deep heat into your muscles by warming the water within the body. This helps increase circulation and speed injury healing.

  3. Electrotherapy: Various forms of electrotherapy can be used to reduce pain, strengthen injured muscles, increase circulation. We use a combination of therapies including T.E.N.S., Russian muscle stimulation and Interferential currents.

  4. Cold Laser: Cold laser is one of the newer kids on the block with respect to physiotherapy modalities. It uses a combination of laser light and Infra red light to stimulate damaged tissue at a cellular level. The light excites the energy storage centres in the cell to increase energy production. In the end tissue is excited and heals faster. This therapy does great work on rotator cuff injuries, tennis elbow, and even can have beneficial effects of diabetic neuropathies of the feet.

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